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Now, let’s discuss how you can sell and buy your bikes in Kuwait.

Things to consider when selling a bike online:

1. Compose an advert that highlights your bike’s model, condition, and features:

In the headline for your ad don’t forget to add your bike’s model, condition, and type. Also, describe your bike’s specific features such as new wheels, and how many gears it has. Use clear language. If you do not want the buyer to negotiate then you can write “fixed price” at the ending of your post.

2. Use Quality Images:

Use some photos of your bike with a high-quality camera and adequate lighting to make it appealing to potential buyers.

3. Prepare Your Motorcycle:

Clean your bike before taking pictures and putting it up for sale. If there are any defaults like worn tires or some bad wiring, make sure you take care of that.

4. Find the right buyer

Winning a potential buyer to sell your bike online can prove to be a difficult chore to achieve. Locating a perfect customer will be on top of additional pressing problems that will require to be taken into consideration during the sale. This is why it is forever an excellent opportunity to sell your bike online at Onsales, the most trusted classified platform.

5. Prepare your documents

It is important to make sure you have the documents ready:
Vehicle’s title which proves the bike’s ownership.
Drivers’ license with all cleared dues.
Sales agreement.

Here are some guidelines for buyers:

Step 1: Decide a budget range that you want to spend on buying the bike.
Step 2: Decide the purpose of buying the bike.
Step 3: Identify the type of bike that fits your needs and requirements.
Step 4: Ask the necessary questions and real documents.
Step 5: Choose the appropriate size and fit.
Step 6: Make sure to do the proper market research before finalizing any bike.

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